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P3 ADVISORS specializes in providing strategic advisory services in assessing the viability of Public-Private Partnership (P3) initiatives and, where they are feasible, in developing and implementing practical solutions. Drawing on the hands-on experience of our team members, we bring our clients a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities involved in setting up a collaborative relationship with private sector providers or with their internal teams.

Our success rests on three solid pillars: our approach, our value proposition and our team which overlap to provide our Clients with true Value for Money.

By design, we are a small, boutique firm with offices in both Ottawa and Toronto. We are a flexible and organic company that evolves and adapts as quickly as the industries we advise, to ensure that we always remain on the leading edge of best practices.

We are a dedicated team of experts focused on providing our clients with the knowledge, tools and support to reach their business objectives.

  • P3 Advisors Inc. provides advisory services in facilities management, procurement, public private partnerships and alternative forms of delivery, performance management and outsourcing.
  • P3 employs a dedicated team of experienced professionals who take a hands-on approach to manage projects, provide timely support and develop innovative solutions for complex projects.
  • P3 can assist in all phases of a project’s life cycle.