Our Approach

Logo-gotsOur Approach

OUR APPROACH is based on successful P3 projects and best practices from various jurisdictions that could be applied to a variety of public sectors. We provide our clients with a time-tested roadmap that leads to the early realization of benefits for both the public and private sector partners. It relies on:

  • Clarifying and confirming the vision, guiding principles, needs and objectives
  • Exploring all viable options whether or not they lead to a P3
  • Developing a plan that draws on industry-based lessons learned and best practices
  • Providing an opportunity to introduce innovation throughout the project life-cycle
  • Introducing checks and balances to ensure the viability and deliverability of the solution
  • Applying open, fair and transparent processes
  • Fostering an environment that is conducive to building partnering relationships
  • Implementing management tools that enhance the partnership
  • Facilitating knowledge and skills transfers to our clients’ management teams
  • Regularly validating the outcome against the objectives and "rebalancing" the relationship