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We provide a range of advisory services at all levels of government, as well as to not for profit organization, below is a sample of some of the recent work that we have undertaken:

  • Federal
    • Readiness Assessment Guides
    • P3 Training Workshops
    • Alternative Service Delivery Initiatives
  • Provincial
    • P3 Strategy
    • Risk Assessment of P3 relationships
    • Leading Practices Guide
  • Municipal
    • Financial Strategy for Infrastructure Development
    • Request for Qualification (RFQ) and Request for Proposal support(RFP)
    • Fairness Commissioner for P3 procurement
    • Due Diligence support of received proposals
  • Not For Profit
    • Business Case Development for P3 initiatives
    • P3 Market Sounding
    • Road map for the implementation of P3 process


We also work across various public sectors including:

  • Education (Higher and K-12)
  • Health (Long Term Care, Hospitals and co-operatives)
  • Transportation (Airports, highways and roads)
  • Government Support Services (Facilities Management, bases support operations, and outsourcing)
  • Recreation and Culture (Arenas, multi-purpose facilities, convention centres and museums)
  • Tourism (Parks..)
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