Supplier Management/Vendor Management P3 Advisors

Facilities Management Advisory Services

P3 Advisors has a unique perspective on Supplier/Vendor Management. Our experience in procurement and fairness advisory services provides insight on how to select the right partner at the right time (for the right price!), and what approach should be taken in the procurement process to achieve the best outcome. Our experience in drafting complex outsourcing contracts equips us with in depth knowledge on effective language to embed in contracts in order to ensure that the service provider is clear on service levels and is accountable for providing consistent delivery to the appropriate standards.

From a facilities management and operations perspective, many of our clients engage us during the implementation period of the contract in order to provide support on ongoing contract management with the service provider. Our input can include any or all of the following:

  • Interpreting contract obligations
  • Assessing variations or out of scope matters
  • Calculating impacts of Key Performance Indicators
  • Assessing lifecycle impacts and lifecycle costing
  • Advising on matters in dispute
  • Facilitating partnering sessions

On a broader level, we are often asked to weigh in on contracts with suppliers/vendors to advise on whether a contracts are being implemented in accordance with the objectives, and to weigh in on programmatic approaches to managing vendors/suppliers in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Management of service levels
  • Audits of contract obligations
  • Benchmarking
  • Assessing performance
  • Implementation programmatic reviews of contract management approach