About P3 Advisors

Corporate Real Estate

P3 Advisors' team of experts extensive corporate real estate experience and deep market intelligence that supports their clients in achieving sought after outcomes and industry insights. The team has provided outsourcing related advice and expertise to large Canadian corporations and organizations, including in the financial, technology and broadcasting sectors. Our team is well positioned to provide the full spectrum of both strategic and process services.

Some of the services we offer include:

Strategic Assessment Services:

  • Benchmarking: Analysis and market comparison of expenditures and performance to identify existing organizational opportunities and strengths.
  • Service Delivery Model and Organizational Structure: Review and evaluate current models, develop alternatives and support clients in creating roadmaps to address evolving needs, strategic priorities, performance gaps or service issues.
  • Outsourcing Assessments: Evaluate the performance of current commercial arrangements to identify areas for improvement and support business cases and informed recommendations.

End to End Outsourcing Support:

Our services are designed to assist our clients with the design, development, and execution of procurement projects that achieve the best value and are fair, transparent and compliant. With our understanding of the entire project lifecycle, we are able to provide strategic yet practical perspectives, contribute to key milestones, and support with tested tools and practices. Leveraging our capabilities in group facilitation and capacity building will enable valuable participation from the key stakeholders, fostering inclusiveness and facilitating change management.

  • Planning and Strategy: Focus on upfront planning and issues identification to ensure an effective and efficient procurement initiative. Our approach to planning is built on four pillars: clarification of business objectives and requirements; options analysis; risk assessment; and development of the RFx documentation.
  • Contract Document Development: Customize our industry leading templates for agreements, service and service level specifications and KPIs to reflect client particularities while ensuring market comparability and alignment.
  • Service Contract Procurement: Draw value and improve project outcomes through communication with the bidders during the open period. The P3 Procurement Tool Kit provides a framework that supports fair and transparent interaction with the bidders.
  • Proposal Evaluation and Contract Negotiation: Advice on evaluation tools and processes to ensure the integrity of the evaluation process. Evaluator training, issues resolution and development of the negotiation strategy are services that can be provided as needed.
  • Contract Implementation and Performance Management: Develop and support implementation of performance management and governance frameworks, including the design of tools such as Output Specifications and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Transition and transformation support to ensure service provider engagement and compliance. Our practitioners are focused on clients drawing the full value of their outsourcing arrangement.

Leading Practices and Innovation:

P3 Advisors has a reputation for thought leadership in the real estate outsourcing market. Working closely with our clients, we seek to develop innovatively and results driven models, structures and practices that align with organizational strategy, priorities, and culture. Our team’s involvement supports the implementation of leading practices, innovation and, speed to market.

Outsourcing Arrangements

Public Sector Outsourcing

P3 Advisors understands the distinctive nature of public sector procurement processes, and we apply that expertise and experience to our advisory work in facilities management. For example, we understand that the following should be considered for public sector outsourcing arrangements:

  • Multiple, varied public stakeholders involved
  • Fair, open and transparent procurement process
  • Unique requirements of government facilities (e.g. areas that are public facing and areas that are secure)

We have developed facilities management solutions for a variety of asset classes, including:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Transit Facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Detention Centres
  • Data Centres
  • Police Service Stations
  • Secure Federal Facilities
  • Broadcasting Centres
  • Airports
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Entertainment Centres

Public Private Partnerships

To date, P3 Advisors has been engaged on over 30 public-private partnership projects as the Operations/Facilities Management Advisor in a range of capacities (often performing all of the following), including:

  • Developing options analyses with respect to a service delivery approach
  • Contributing to and developed business cases and feasibility studies
  • Acting as technical advisor who works with the project team to develop operational output specifications based on relevant facility service levels and project objectives
  • Acting as subject matter experts and as evaluators in P3 RFQ and RFP evaluations
  • Participating in the operational/implementation phase as the owner’s advisor on contract implementation and management

The P3 industry is constantly evolving, and P3 Advisors is often engaged to advise on template changes and value enhancements related to the approach to various facilities management arrangements. We have developed creative solutions to complex problems that have been market tested and accepted.

Other Outsourcing Arrangements

Given our involvement in private sector corporate real estate, we have been able to contribute to unique public sector projects that are not P3s, but are subject to the unique requirements of public facilities. We are able to integrate our expertise related to the facilities management industry in both the public and private sectors to ensure that owner’s end up with an arrangement that meets their objectives.