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The P3 Advisors Inc. service offerings cover the entire spectrum, from beginning to end and include:

  • Strategic program review
    Exploring the merits, challenges and affordability of the various service delivery options with respect to our Clients’ specific circumstances and objectives.
  • Client readiness assessment
    Determining the key success factors, influencing factors, stakeholders and approvals in order to establish the most efficient procurement process.
  • Market readiness assessment
    Identifying if there are service providers who can respond to the Clients’ preferred option, especially as it relates to project funding and risk transfer.
  • Business case development
    Preparing, validating or providing advice on the formulation of business cases, including options development, risk identification, analysis and development of mitigation strategies.
  • P3 structures
    Covering legal, financial and operations considerations in the implementation of P3s, including off-balance sheet financing approaches.
  • Procurement process advice
    Developing evaluation criteria, procurement approach, selection methodology and validation of the integrity of the process.
  • Procurement support
    Participating in drafting and managing the Expression of Interest, Request for Qualification and Request for Proposal processes and participation in the evaluation and contract negotiations.
  • Outcomes commissioner role
    Providing a formative evaluation, necessary to enable the project teams and project sponsors to improve the quality of the current project as well as its potential implementation, this could also include conducting peer reviews of other advisors.
  • Fairness commissioner role
    Overseeing the procurement and contracting approaches to provide recommendations and confirmation on the integrity of the process.
  • Management tool development
    Defining performance and monitoring tools that enable ongoing assessment of the service provider’s ability to meet service level and contractual expectations, including conducting post-implementation reviews to provide options for future contractual arrangements.
  • Relationship management
    Participating in identifying means to enhance the relationship between the Client and service provider, while remaining focused on the project’s objectives and targets.
  • Policies, best practices and benchmarking
    Developing of project-specific policies, preparing of white papers on best practices and benchmarking financial and operational criteria against similar initiatives in Canada and internationally.
  • Training, development and delivery of P3 workshops
    Leading sessions from introductory topics about P3s to specific subjects such as risk-related issues, performance measurement, service level agreements, procurement strategies and other technical matters involved in implementing P3s.
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